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How can we make regional cooperation?


Regional cooperation is one of the hot issues recently in Balkans, especially after the meeting held by the governments of Kosovo and Albania which turned out to be a concrete project.

On this subject Rubikon on KTV, Kosovo, attributed a special program to the regional cooperation. The panelists were Mr. Adrian Shehu, President of AGREEI and Mrs. Shqipe Pantina board member of AGREEI, Mr. Fatmir Besimi Vice Prime Minister of Macedonia, Mr. Petrit Selimi, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, and Professor Bekim Baliqi who is a lecturer at the University of Political Sciences in Prishtina.

Representatives of AGREEI, Mr. Adrian Shehu and Mrs. Shqipe Pantina expressed their approach. Both of them argued that AGREEI as an NGO aims to promote regional cooperation through the creation of Benelux for Balkans among Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Mr. Shehu pointed out that it is important for these countries to cooperate because an integrated marked can trigger more foreign investments which can be converted in more jobs and  prosperity  for the citizens of four countries. To make this happen he added that it is important to sign a mutual treaty or agreement among Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro which specifies the details and modalities of the cooperation for economic and EU integration.

Mrs. Shqipe Pantina added that there is also necessary to create a common secretariat which observes the agreements among the countries in order that they can be respected. She also said that the main aim of the cooperation is European integration of the Balkans, but this objective can not be seen as a final, since the main aim is to guarantee prosperity for citizens of the region.

The Vice Prime Minister of Macedonia, Mr. Fatmir Besimi appreciates and welcomes any type of regional or bilateral cooperation which influences positive relations between Balkan countries and considered the meeting of the two governments of Albania and Kosovo as a chance to advance and make further progress.

As the voice of the government of Kosovo, Mr. Petrit Selimi also expressed the necessity of regional cooperation through concrete projects. He finished the conversation by considering positive all initiatives which goal is to push toward progress.

It is important to emphasize the fact that it is of ‘common sense’ that regional cooperation is an important step toward the prosperity and the way to European integration for Balkans, but it also a positive element for AGREEI as an NGO that promotes and lobby in favor of concrete initiatives.

AGREEI is already a known actor and is becoming a strong voice in regional cooperation. It is influenced by successful models such as Benelux, Nordic Council and Visegrad Group.